Ramsey Responsibility Will Reap Rewards For Arsenal

The news that Gary Speed has chosen Aaron Ramsey as Wales Captain – their youngest ever – will come as no surprise to Arsenal supporters who saw the 20-year-old burst into the first team last season before his career was crudely halted.

Onlookers may have raised an eyebrow though given that Ramsey doesn’t appear to be a natural leader, and because of the fact that he hasn’t played for his national team for 16 months. But Ramsey is the golden boy of Welsh football and ran the show in his last two international matches, scoring on both occasions.

But this is an indicator of exactly how highly regarded Ramsey is. That’s why SAF and Arsene Wenger went toe-to-toe to sign him.

It’s been a decent rehabilitation for Ramsey, a stop-start spell on loan at Nottingham Forest followed by a return to Cardiff saw him get some minutes in his legs.

Prior to Ramsey’s return to Arsenal, a contact of mine, who works for the club in a first team capacity, remarked that he didn’t feel he was ready for topflight football which is why Wenger has integrated him slowly back into the first team since his return at the start of the month.

Wales Manager, Speed said: “Aaron Ramsey will be captain. I thought about it a lot. As I have mentioned before, it is about the future and planning ahead.

“There were two or three candidates. I thought about what is best for the team going forward. I spoke to Aaron before making the decision and told him there were certain responsibilities and duties that would go with it, and to see if he was happy with it.

“I’m delighted and he was really happy. I made the decision because I thought it was best for the team and the future of the team.”

Hopefully Ramsey can be a big part of Arsenal’s future also. Those who witnessed his horrific injury will hope he can return and kick-on, unlike Diaby and Eduardo who never regained their early promise following similar, career threatening injuries.