Imagine if RVP was fit for an entire season!

A very assured and professional performance meant three points against Wolves yesterday, and once again emphasised exactly what an asset to the team Robin van Persie is.

Two more goals yesterday made it 11 goals in his last seven Premier League matches. If Wayne Rooney went on a run like that, the Press would have a field day.

Robin’s post-match interview was very candid; he knows he has even more to give, and when you consider he is just 27 years old, we can look forward to seeing him enter his prime. Wow! Injuries permitting of course; and that has been the constant hindrance on his career, especially after he curbed his early poor disciplinary form.

Since signing for £2.75m in May 2004, RVP has only gone a single entire season without injury; his first. A season in which Robin notched 10 goals in 41 appearances in all competitions. A very promising start to his Arsenal career.

In 2005/06 RVP kicked on with 11 goals in 37 appearances; made all the more impressive by the fact that he spent the majority of the campaign on the bench, playing second fiddle to Henry and Bergkamp, alongside Adebayor.

The following two seasons saw RVP playing less than half the season but still managing a strike rate no too far from one goal in two games (2006/07: 13 in 31; 2007/08: 9 in 23).

The 2008/09 was van Persie’s most prolific to date with 20 goals in 44 matches including a memorable brace at Stamford Bridge.

Last season RVP managed 10 goals in just 20 appearances before the well documented ankle injury that was treated in desperation using the fluid from a horse’s placenta.

So far this season van Persie has scored 12 in 19 and is on a fine goalscoring run. The fact that he didn’t have one of his greatest games yesterday but still managed to score two is a sure example that a fit RVP is not only a scorer of great goals but is also a great goalscorer. Imagine how many he’d get if he played a full, injury-free season?

And to think that some prestigious Arsenal blogs were writing him off earlier in the season in preference for Marouane Chamakh beggars belief. Wenger has shown that this Arsenal team’s forward line revolves around RVP by reinstating him as first choice striker since he regained full fitness in December after a tricky November.

We’ve all known RVP’s capabilities since we saw him score his first goal at Highbury against Southampton in 2004 and now we’re seeing consistency in terms of his goal scoring. Let’s hope he can stay fit because looking at our run-in, if RVP is in the team, this is the greatest chance of winning the league we’ve had since 2007/08.