Henry helps to put Sunday in perspective

We are now closer to our next game than we are to our last. I doubt any of us have completely forgotten Sunday but it’s time to resign that one to the darkest recesses of your memory. There are bigger things to concern us.

We didn’t play badly and suffered as much from not converting pressure into goals as we did from the headline grabbing cock up.

Time for some perspective. We didn’t start this season to win the Carling Cup, it would have been a huge bonus but it doesn’t take away the fact that we still have a great chance in the league. The players need to show what they’ve got in reserve and we need to give them the chance to do it.

As if by magic, Thierry Henry appeared and offered some well timed words that should buoy fans and players alike. When our record marksman talks of Arsenal, in today’s Guardian, he talks of deep held love for the club and the boss.
“I knew what it was like to beat Manchester United, I knew what it meant to the fans when we were playing against Tottenham, I knew all that. You don’t get that from one or two years, you need to live and breathe Arsenal to understand that.”
This serves as a reminder that this club is built on more than a disappointment in the Mickey Mouse Cup and more than 5 barren seasons. Portsmouth and Birmingham have now won more trophies than Arsenal in the last 5 seasons but I think I know who I’d rather support.

And so, Premier League action returns this evening as United visit Stamford Bridge. It’s not often I want Chelsea to get a positive result but I’m willing to overlook that if they can do us a favour tonight. After today, United then visit Liverpool. I’m pretty sure United will drop points this week.

We need to regroup and focus on a win tomorrow and a win on Saturday. If we do that, which is eminently achievable, I’m pretty sure all Arsenal fans will be feeling more positive than they did last Sunday. As our talismanic Frenchman said, to be part of Arsenal is to be part of “a big family”. Now’s the time to pull together.

In other news…

Wayne Rooney is an exceptionally lucky Footballer. Specifically, he’s lucky he plays for United. I can’t think of a player playing for another club that would have got away with planting an elbow into the back of an opponents head.  It was so blatant that the way the FA and officials involved have behaved defies logic and invites unsavoury allegations.

If this season is to bring any success it appears we have to overcome a formidable opponent who also have the powers that be on their side. Success will come to Arsenal but it will come the hard way. Who seriously thought it would be any different?