Fabregas Will Feel ‘Alone’ If He Quits Arsenal – Torres

Fernando Torres has warned Cesc Fabregas he will feel ‘alone’ if he leaves Arsenal for Barcelona this summer.

Fabregas’ Spain teammate, who recently left Liverpool fans up in arms following his departure to Chelsea, told Spanish newspaper Sport that Fabregas could be made to feel isolated if he swaps Arsenal for Barca.

‘Everyone has their own story but from what I’ve read Cesc is grateful to [Arsene] Wenger and Arsenal.

‘But if you leave, you have to get wet [sic]. In the end, when you leave, you’re alone. Football is very hypocritical in this regard.

‘You have to give yourself the chance to make the step. If you are lucky, then your club will help you, this is what happened at Atletico Madrid [when I left for Liverpool]. I knew people at Atletico and had good personal relations. But at Liverpool there were problems.

‘Javier Mascherano did many good things for Liverpool but they did not treat him well when he left.

‘It is a complicated situation when you leave a club but footballers always want to move forward, chase what he believes is better, because we only have eight or 10 good years.’

Asked if Fabregas will improve Barca, Torres was not so sure: ‘I do not know. It is a question for Guardiola. I do not follow the Spanish league much, but I think Barca is a tough team to improve. If Cesc, who comes off?’

‘It would be a great signing, of course. Cesc is more valued and respected in England than in Spain, where he has never played. Fabregas is one of the two or three best players in England.

‘[At Barca] he would do well, but it is very difficult to improve their level. That is also true if we [Chelsea] signed him, all teams would like to have these problems.’