Arsenal Kept Rosicky Deal Under Wraps

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he kept quiet the extension of Tomas Rosicky’s contract in January.

It was widely reported that Rosicky was playing for a new contract as his form improved but in actual fact Arsenal had already extended the Czech captain’s contract.

“Rosicky is an interesting story,” Wenger told Barclays Premier League World, “because I told him in January ‘I will extend your contract if you agree’ and when I extended his contract he played very well.

“Nobody knew about it and people started to say ‘look Rosicky plays well because he fights for a new contract.’ In fact he had already extended his contract and [his form] was completely reversed.

“He saw the confidence from the club and he’s a very genuine player and not at all what people thought he is.”

Rosicky made 38 appearances for Arsenal last season, the most he has made in any one of his five seasons at the club.